La Boit a Coiffer: Treatments we offer

La Boit a Coiffer: Treatments we offer

Running a salon is no easy task. It takes a lot of hard work to master cutting and styling hair. When it comes to hair treatments, a ton of skill and precision is needed. We at La Boit a Coiffer want our customer to leave our salon with strong and healthy-looking hair. 

When you arrive at the salon, feel free to ask our hairstylists anything. In terms of hair treatments and how to maintain them, we make sure to give our clients a lot of information. To help you decide, take a look at the different treatments we offer below: 

Basic curling and blow drying
If you have a special day ahead and you want your hair to look great, go for our basic curling ablow drying. While this doesn’t necessarily entail using any chemicals, we can guarantee that you will leave the salon as if you’ve just come out of a photo shoot. 

Simply tell our stylists what you want and they will style your hair to perfection. However, keep in mind that the effects of this procedure will wear off as soon as you wet your hair. This kind of procedure is only best for daily or two-day events. 

Colour highlights and retouches
For those who don’t want to have a drastic change but want to try something new anyway, you can get highlights! This treatment is simple, affordable, and will elevate your look. Your hair will be partitioned before bleaching or dyeing each section with a lighter colour to make your natural hair colour pop. 

Hair bleaching
If you want to go all out with hair colours, then bleaching is the best way to go. You can achieve all sorts of loud colours like blue or red or go with classic blonde tones. Since bleaching can make your hair dry, you can couple it with some of our other treatments to keep your hair looking strong and smooth even after visiting the salon.  

You can achieve the curls of your dreams here at La Boit a Coiffer. There are certain levels to perm treatments so make sure to tell your stylist exactly what you want. Our perm treatments can be completed within a matter of a few hours and will give you those luscious curls. These effects can also last for months on end, so you can get your money’s worth.  

Hairstyling and makeup
For parties and other special events, we also allow hairstyling. All you need to do is show us a photo or describe the style you want and we will do the rest. You can even opt for a package to add a full face of makeup to complete the look. Now all you need is some stylish clothes and you’re good to go! 

Keratin smoothing treatment
If you feel as if your hair is always rough or dry, then it may be time for a keratin treatment. Keratin is a protective protein that keeps the hair healthy and strong. 

To prevent damage, we use our specially formulated keratin mixture and spread it through your scalp and strands. This is kept under heat and wraps for over an hour to let the mixture seep in. 

By the end of the session, we will blow-dry your hair and help you style it too. The effects of a keratin treatment can last from 1-2 months.  The next time you feel as if your hair is dry and damaged, a keratin treatment is the best way to go. It’s also especially effective on hair types that have no bleach. 

You can show off your long gorgeous locks with our rebonding treatments! It can be a bad sight to see long, dry, and frizzy hair flowing down your back. You want it to look gorgeous and effortless at the same time, so a rebonding treatment would be the best way to go. 

Brazilian blowout
If you’re looking for a straightening and smoothening treatment that will last longer, then a Brazilian blowout is the choice for you. This is the process where we use a mixture of keratin and smoothing chemicals to make your hair strong and healthy. The effects of a Brazilian blowout will last longer and have less risk of damage. 

Hot oil treatment
For those who have natural hair and looking for a simple way to lessen dryness, then hot oil treatment would be the best. This will simply strengthen your roots and help your hair become stronger as it grows. 

It will also make your hair shiny and smooth to the touch. We suggest that you go to the salon at least every other month for hot oil treatment. This is a cheaper and effective way to undo damage for those with natural hair colours. 

Scalp treatment
Instead of focusing on the current state of your hair, the scalp treatment will instead focus on the roots. The process will allow your scalp to be cleaner and healthier. The roots will be unclogged from any unwanted dirt and will help release the natural oils of the hair. Over time, your hair should grow stronger and more beautiful. 

Detox treatment
When you expose yourself to the outside world, your hair is subjected to all sorts of bacteria and pollution. This is partially why it’s suffering from damage and dryness. You can turn the situation around with our detox treatment. 

It’s specially formulated to remove dandruff, dirt, and unwanted chemicals in your hair. That way, your locks can breathe and be healthier. 

Moisture treatment
For those who have their hair dyed or bleached, dryness is inevitable. This is why it’s important to have a ton of moisture to keep your hair hydrated. This cannot be done by washing alone, so you can rely on our moisture treatment to help you out. 

The process is completed through a deep conditioning treatment made to prevent breakage and give your hair the moisture it needs. 

Toning treatment
If you want to keep your hair colour looking strong and vibrant, then a toning treatment is the best way to go. This procedure will help your colour stand out and remove any dull tones that will ruin the look. The best part is, this treatment can be completed in as little as one hour! Plus, the effects will last for more than a month. 

Hair gloss treatment
For those who want their hair to look like it came leaping off a fashion magazine, then hair gloss treatment is a great option. It aims to make the hair bright and shiny. So, whenever light hits your hair, it will shine and give off that glossy look. Plus, this treatment can help make your locks stronger. 

How to take care of treated hair

Depending on the current state of your hair, it’s important to do your research and talk to an expert. Taking care of treated hair can vary depending on the chemicals used, so it’s better not to take any chances. 

Depending on the kind of treatment used, it’s best not to take a bath and wet your hair for the next few days. If you can go without washing your hair for a week, then that’s even better! This will ensure that the treatment will lock in your roots and strands to stay as long as possible. That way, when you do wash your hair, the effects will be retained. 

Another important tip to remember is that you shouldn’t brush your hair frequently. There are some people who brush their hair several times a day. While this brings out the tangles, it may damage your hair even further. 

After treatment, hair can be quite sensitive for the first few days. So avoid brushing and instead keep your hair down and just go with the flow. Try your best to not tie it up in a bun or ponytail that often either. 

Last but not least, make sure to follow your hair stylists’ reminders. If they want you to use this kind of shampoo, then you should do so. If they tell you to not wet your hair for the next few days, you should follow that as well. They are the experts after all. 

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